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Phoenix Magazine

Nov 2014

Boe Magazine Interview

Nov 2014

Luxac at Scoop

Oct 2014
Luxac rucksack featured on Your Coffee Break

Luxac made headlines at Scoop International this year.


Sep 2014
Luxac rucksack feature on BOE

BOE falls in love with Luxac and declares it perfect for the boardroom.

The Clothes Maiden

Sep 2014
The new Luxac rucksack on the clothes maiden

The Clothes Maiden has discovered Luxac!


Sep 2014
Luxac rucksack range in Vogue

UK Vogue features the LUXAC Collection.


Sep 2014
Luxac rucksacks feature on Meappropriatestyle

Read why Meappropriatestyle thinks LUXAC is the 'gotta have it piece'.


Sep 2014
Luxac rucksack range featured on Luxe Tips

Read why Luxetips Style! reviews LUXAC as the ultimate Luxe rucksack.


Sep 2014
Luxac rucksack featured on Your Coffee Break

’Every so often a brand comes along combining style and practicality all too well. LUXAC is the latest favourite in the office, offering a luxurious version of the sometimes feared backpack. The LUXAC is far from your average rucksack, available in various sizes, luxe leathers and bold linings.’